Carioca front-end designer, approaching code abstractly to solve problems better

  • Frente da Saúde Mental

    The Parlimentary Front for the Mental Health is an initiative by the Brazilian federal parliament to strengthen mental health policies in the country.

    It’s made up of more than 200 parliamentarians who work to promote mental health and combat discrimination against people with mental disorders. These deputies and senators, belonging to different political parties, work together to create a priority agenda to promote mental health in Brazil.


    First all-FSE site project that I made, this was the main boundry I was inteded to push. Using default 2024 WordPress theme, some custom CSS and theme.json settings, the site also came to life with a bunch of nice interactions using CSS new Scroll Timeline features.


    Iracema Filmes came with the project scope and identity already defined, so Katherine was responsible to make it work on a website interface.

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    Control to Culture is nōvi‘s formation and festival about learning culture. The company’s main goal is to help large organizations transform into true spaces for human development.


    The project had very strict goals: manage classes for each new semester, making it possible for the nōvi team to manage all of this, from creating the class, to registering new students, to including restricted content for each class or any student.

    These product-specific problems demand product-specific solutions, which came in form of a custom WordPress plugin, that enables nōvi people to create a class with the press of a button, and behind the scenes all settings are made by the plugin.


    Working for the last 10 years with Katherine, this job came and was led by her, which also created the product visual identity and interface. She came with a joyful and colorful look, with content in mind and her touch of class.

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  • Clarice Lispector

    One of the most important Brazilian literature figures would turn 100 on 2020. The archive site of Clarice Lispector should take the user to a deep writer’s life, books, articles and more.


    The collection version of the site started with more than 2000 items including originals, letters, photographs, bibliographic materials and various texts related to the author.

    All items were cataloged and organized according to their purpose, bringing together facts from her life in a timeline, all books in a gallery with detailed information about each one, a section with originals, letters and manuscripts, a collection of productions academic articles referring to the author and her work, as well as posts from the institute’s team about Clarice’s life and work

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  • Amarello

    Amarello is a collective that believes in the power and individual transformation capacity of human beings. Through monthly publications, which provoke reflections on art, design, beauty, philosophy and architecture, the design of the site was thought to enhance the imagery and photographic aspect of the magazine.


    The client business model is funded on magazine subscriptions, and Amarello would like to make use of digital subscriptions to diversify the business and expand its reach. Through a custom paywall plugin written for this project, Amarello’s team is able to manage their subscribers, add criteria to block access to content, and also give a sneak peek of subscription for a couple of days or weeks.

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  • CINE

    CINE had high expectations when came to develop their new site. Some really sharp references and outstading interactions set a cloud-high bar for this project.

    Everything needs to move

    — the client

    As a video producer, the urge to have things moving around was pretty obvious, so the design team decided to go bold, visually speaking. I also spent a lot of hours on Principle to prototype the interactions so client would approve them before start coding.

    By the end of the day, this CINE’s site is online since 2019 and the client went out happy with the delivered product.

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  • Sons do Brasil

    Sons do Brasil [Sounds of Brazil] presents different rhythms, styles and musical instruments in works that unite and mix current and traditional readings of Brazilian music.


    ESTUDIO CRU’s design team came with this all-typo layout, highlight animations and a custom player as the three foundations of this project.


    A custom JavaScript player was built to reproduce the musics produced by Gomus people. There was also some JS lines written to deal with related items highlighting — which was deeply integrated with the backend logic, made possible by ACF relationship field, a pretty common task on my projects.

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  • Artepensamento

    Artepensamento [“Arthought”]: philosophical and political essays

    Difficult problems of thought and politics — the ideas of passion, time, history, ethics, beliefs, democracy, etc — are taken up and renewed by the philosophy of our time in the more than 800 essays published by Artepensamento over 32 years. They are at the confluence of two eras and seek to think about the great technical and scientific inventions that have entirely transformed the world.

    Content architecture

    With about 800 essays, divided into 38 collections, the Artepensamento team had a tight requirement: essays, authors and collections must be intrinsically connected. Again, ACF was responsible to make these connections possible and easy to manage.

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